Christmas Gift Idea: For a Friend

We all know that after shelling out money for family and then for significant others we often have very little to spend on our friends. My friends and I spend A LOT of money spending time with each other at bars, and house parties, concerts ( Watch the Throne took about 300 from my bank)… so they are always to quick to agree on not exchanging gifts.

That being said I still like giving gifts too much to not at least make a card, print some photos…… or in this case make something non-expensive. Most people have embroidery thread and bobby pins so you just need the chain. I found cheap ones in silver at Walmart (about 15$). I am thinking about adding sweet little charms to the embroidory thread part to make it more personal…. especially because I may make on for more than one of my friends.

Here is the sick tutorial that most people have already seen from Honestly WTF: Woven Chain Bracelet. Fun Fact: the bracelets this knocks off are about 250 euros!!!

I will post my attempt at this. I hope the charms work out.

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