Roommate Bet

So about a month ago, 2 of my roommates and I decided that we were still holding on to our freshman 15 or maybe a little more. lol. Actually more for all of us. We started a bet that we would all try to get back to our pre-university weights. For me that was about 15 pounds ago, but I had gained 5 pound in grade 12, so I made it my goal to lose 20. All of my friends are about the same, and we all want to lose it by the last week of February 2012. As a health sciences student I have no respect for crazy dieting, besides I really want to keep it off so I had vowed to cut down to about 1300 cals a day. This month didn’t go very well…. and I may even have gained weight. One of my friends is down 16 though but he has to lose 30. My other friend is probably in the same boat as me though, her and I both eat when stressed probably explaining the original university weight gain. So maybe I will not lose 20 but I need to stick to my original plan! I feel like writing it down and telling anyone will make me feel more committed. Whats on the line? While pride more then anything, since these are my best friends we get pretty competitive about these kind of things. And obviously MONEY. And being healthy again. Here I go again. Day 1.

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